Top 20 Tech Sales to Expect for Black Friday 2023

Top 20 Tech Sales to Expect for Black Friday 2023

If one has missed out on getting their hands on some of the coolest tech gadgets during the year, there is no better time to get them than Black Friday sales in 2023. If one wants to avoid the crowds, queues, and noise of an in-store sale, one can get similar deals online. Most top brands offer in-store and online deals, so here are 20 of the most popular tech sales to expect in 2023.

1. Smart TVs
Smart TVs are one of the largest selling products during most Black Fridays, and one can choose from brands like TCL, Samsung, Hisense, Panasonic, and Sony. Last year, one could get savings of up to $500 on an LG 55-inch 4k Smart TV from Amazon, so one can expect similar deals this year too.

2. Smartwatches
Smartwatches can be connected to other smart devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for communication, entertainment, and health and fitness monitoring. Samsung, Apple, and Google are popular smartwatch brands to keep an eye out for, among others. For example, last year, there was a discount of up to $110 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 at Amazon.

3. Laptops
The previous Black Friday let shoppers get up to $150 off on leading laptop brands like Acer, HP, ASUS, and Lenovo from Walmart, which has had the highest sales for Black Friday for many years. So, one can check the deal pages on the mega retailer’s website or check in-store on the sale day for great discounts.

4. MacBooks
While Apple products rarely have flat discounts, prior deals have shown that it’s not impossible. One can check for the availability of certain models of the MacBook at a discount from stores like Best Buy in 2023, based on prior deals.

5. Large super tank printers
One could buy an Epson – Eco Tank ET – 2800 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Cartridge Free printer at a savings of $30 last year. So, one can expect similar deals on Epson or other top-brand printers for Black Friday 2023. One can also expect additional savings for trade-ins.

6. Wireless printers
One can expect a savings of $18 on the HP DeskJet 3755 Wireless All-in-One Printer from Best Buy. One can keep a watch for early bird deals on the product or other printers from HP this year.

7. PlayStations
Gaming fans tend to eagerly wait for Black Friday deals as top brands like Microsoft offer awesome discounts every year. One can expect great deals on popular and riveting games, bundle deals, coupons, and more. One may also get a bonus game when one buys an Xbox Series S, based on prior offers.

8. Gaming desktops
Gamers constantly upgrade their desktops or laptops to enhance their gaming experience. One can expect a 45% deep discount on an expensive IPASON gaming desktop or one can keep an eye out for steep discounts on a system from NewEgg on the basis of Black Friday deals last year.

9. Professional laptops
Lenovo loyalists can look forward to big savings on their latest desktops, laptops, and gaming PCs. One can find gaming PCs and ThinkPad laptops at considerably low prices. In fact, last year, one could get one of their high-end ThinkPad series at up to 50%! Ao, it is advisable to look for similar deals this year too.

10. Workstations
Workstations are advanced computer systems designed for professionals working on technical and scientific projects. One may get their hands on a 38% discount on the Precision 3480 workstation or bag similarly fantastic deals during 2023’s Black Friday sale.

11. Large external storage devices
Seagate, Lacie, SanDisk, Toshiba, and Samsung are popular brands for hard disk drives. One can keep checking the official websites of retailers like B&H Photo for early bird deals, bundles, or slash discounts. On the basis of last year’s discounts, one can expect a $50 discount on a 16TB, 2-bay Lacie USB from B&H.

12. Wireless chargers
Wireless chargers work with Qi-certified devices and can charge multiple devices simultaneously. One can expect about 50% off on Belkin chargers and accessories costs during Black Friday 2023. One can also check for offers on wireless chargers from other top brands for big savings.

13. Tablets
Some popular tablets include iPads, OnePlus Pad, Amazon Fire, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel Tablets. One can expect a flat discount on older models across brands or some great deals on newer devices at leading stores like Best Buy and Target.

14. Android smartphones
One can look for more than 50% discounts, storage upgrades, and instant trade-in credit deals during Black Friday deals for most brands of smartphones. Like in 2022, this year too, one can expect savings on models like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and others from Samsung’s official website.

15. iPhones
One can expect some of the best iPhone deals and discounts from carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile through trade-ins, bill credits, gift cards, accessories, and other offers. For example, one may expect an iPhone 14 Pro with trade-ins and unlimited service plans from Verizon.

16. Bluetooth speakers
Bluetooth wireless speakers tend to fly off the shelves faster than most electronic devices. JBL, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, and Anker are some of the best sellers in this category, and one can expect 15% to 50% savings on popular products.

17. Wireless earphones
Audio brands like Audeze, Bose, Grado Labs, Mark Levinson, Master & Dynamic, and Sonos are some of the best-selling speaker brands. One may expect discounts of up to $50 on top-performing products.

18. Over-ear headphones
Over-ear headphones reduce ambient noise and are best suited for professionals and those outdoors or working in loud environments. Top retailers can give discounts of around $50 or even more on popular products like the SoundHaven Active Noise Canceling Over Ear Headphones.

19. Media streaming devices
Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, and Roku Stream bars are popular streaming devices. One can expect 40% to 70% off on select products this year, based on prior festive sales.

20. Power banks
Power banks are must-have tech accessories for everyone on the move. At Amazon, one can look forward to 40% to 60% off the original price on products from popular brands like Nimble, Anker, Elnova, and ELECJET.

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